Showgirls (1995 / Sinsational Edition / 2 Disc Blu-ray)

Showgirls (1995 / Sinsational Edition Blu-ray)That NC-17 rated guilty pleasure of the nineties is given its 15th anniversary on special edition Blu-Ray in its fully uncut and uncensored edition from MGM. Elizabeth Berkeley (of TV’s SAVED BY THE BELL) simultaneously destroyed and reinvented her career by taking it all off for BASIC INSTINCT director Paul Verhoeven’s NC-17 rated tale of the cut-throat lives of Las Vegas showgirls. Nomi (Berkeley) wants to make it big in Vegas but ends up pole dancing until she is noticed by Stardust headliner Cristal (Gina Gershon) who gets her into the show. Soon Nomi realizes that she have to sleep and claw your way to the top until she no longer recognizes herself. Kyle MacLachlan (TWIN PEAKS) and Glenn Plummer (STRANGE DAYS) also star.

MGM’s BluRay gives the film a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 upgrade (the original stereo surround mix is also available in Dolby Digital 2.0 in English, French, and Spanish and subtitles in those languages) as well as a subtitle trivia track and audio commentary by pole dancing experts. The film gets the dual-layer treatment on a BD disc by itself with the extras on a second standard DVD featuring several video diaries for the shoot, lap dancing tutorials, and the film’s famous “red band” trailer that was shown with R-rated films only.

Showgirls (Poster)

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